Check out my first post here: My First home lab: 2023 HP z440 Edition.

Many people have asked how much power my homelab setup has been using, so I took some time to do some quick math to help answer some of these questions.

Let’s find the total power draw…

To figure out my total power draw (in a more accurate manner than taking a random peak at the power usage from the front displays of my UPSes 😅), I ended up attaching some BN-LINK smart plugs in front of each of my UPS systems.

BN-Link smart plugs measuring power consumption in my HP z440 HomeLab

I like that these smart plugs provide a very easy way to measure and track power consumption over time. BN-Link has a pretty decent iOS app that easily tracks this data.

Here’s a sample view from one of these plugs.

Let’s crunch the numbers.

After tallying each of these plugs’ usage, it turns out my homelab draws an average of ~21 kWh / day.

When I first started my #homelab journey… the math would have been…

My Average cost for kWH is ~ 0.10 USD, which equates to ~ 2.10 USD per day / ~ 766 USD per year at the current usage trend.

HOWEVER– just last month, my energy provider tacked on a new delivery rider, and my cost per kWH is now more in the range of ~0.16 USD.

So my current spend is actually…~ 3.36 USD per day / ~ 1226 USD per year

I may have to look into ways to enhance my cost per kWH. I know you can shop at different energy providers in my area, but I never really looked into it all that much.

Regardless, I am really enjoying my homelab 😎

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Check out my first post here: My First home lab: 2023 HP z440 Edition.

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